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Frequently Asked Questions

**Where do I get Omni Drops?**
You can order online and the products will be shipped directly to you!

1. What is the Omni Drops Program?
Omni Drops are pharmaceutical quality HCG, made in an FDA-approved lab. They contain HCG and vitamin B-12!

2. Why do I need the Omni IV liquid vitamins?
Your body absorbs 90% of a liquid vitamin within 20 minutes of taking them. The vitamins are formulated to help with weight loss and they are AWESOME!

3. How much does it cost for a kit? 
For the drops and vitamins together, it is $135.60 plus shipping. We found that our food budget decreased dramatically on the diet and we didn't notice a hiccup in our finances. 

For example, we bought a pack of boneless-skinless chicken breasts for about $11. After we weighed out our portions, Justin and I were able to have chicken for lunch for about a week-and-a-half. That brought our lunch costs to roughly 50 cents per person for our protein.

4. Are the drops and vitamins sold together online?
No. The Omni Drops and Omni IV liquid vitamins are purchased individually.

5. Do I receive an informational packet?
Yes! Every bottle of Omni Drops automatically comes with an information packet, complete with weight loss chart, recipes, explanation of the diet and the phases, etc.

6. I've heard you eat 500 calories a day. Aren't you just starving yourself? Why do I need drops?
Yes, you eat roughly 500 calories a day, but your body isn't starving itself because of the Omni Drops. HCG's role is to pull calories from your abnormal fat stores. So, while your body takes 500 calories from the foods you are eating, it pulls the remaining 1000 - 2000 calories from your abnormal fat. (See "How HCG Works in Our Bodies" document below).

7. How many days am I on the diet?
You take the Omni Drops 21 - 45 days for a round. Then you begin Phase 3, where you introduce certain foods and fats back into your diet. This allows your hypothalamus to "rest" and your body to reset on your new weight. 

It was amazing to watch Justin's weight after he finished Phase 3. If he had a few slices of pizza, his weight may increase a pound or two the next day, but the day after, he was right back to his ending weight. It was incredible. He kept bouncing back to the weight he ended the diet on, no matter what!

8. Is there a guarantee?
Yes. Omnitrition.com stands behind their products. There is a 30-day money back guarantee.

9. I have more questions. Who do I contact?
Contact Us here.  We are happy to answer all your questions!

10. I'm ready to start. What do I do?
You can order your Omni products on our website. You choose your preferred shipping method and they will be shipped directly to your home! We also have a Facebook support group online you can join.

Taken from the Docs section of the Omni Rocks 4 U 2!!! Facebook support group site:
Human Chorionic Gonadotropin:
HCG is known in medical terms as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin that is produced in women during
their pregnancy. The Job of HCG is to protect and control the metabolic function of the body. During
pregnancy most women encounter mild to heavier forms of morning sickness. Also what was once a
body feeding only 1 is now feeding 2 or more depending on the situation. The natural hormone HCG
is produced by the body as a protector of ones metabolism creating a link between body and brain that
its number one priority is to always make sure there is enough food and nutrients to burn in order for
both the fetus and mother to survive. This signal to the brain creates a constant open access to all fat
stores in the body. The body is then conditioned to always burn calories using stored fat sources
verses muscle tissue and nothing else. This ensures that mother and baby always have enough to eat
even if she endures morning sickness through the entire pregnancy. HCG has been used for years to
not only treat and reset ones metabolic rate but also treat things such as infertility in both men and
women. By using HCG your body is being told that it is imperative to burn fat stored in your body as
much as it can to stay healthy. This in turn burns about 4000 calories a day which is the result of
losing 1-2 lbs of weight loss per day.
HCG is both used by men and women and has little or no side effects because it’s an already produced
hormone and is no stranger to the human body. All humans are born with proper fat levels. There are
no obese nor malnourished newborns. HCG hormone is responsible for this. For this reason, it is
found to work on ALL humans with no exceptions. How well it works is up to the human.
Reset Metabolism:
When on the HCG diet you are in a way, wiping your body clean and re-introducing the fat burning
process to it. Over the years of eating habits change we fluctuate up and down and our body programs
its self accordingly. If a person only eats once or twice a day the body is convinced that it is starving
and stores any source of fat it encounters. People who eat many small meals per day program their
bodies that it always has everything it needs and there is no reason to save anything.
It is found that people who consistently feed their body in small amounts keep their metabolic rate
burring at a high level all the times, which results in the ability to be more free with food choices in
their eating habits. In the Phases after your weight loss your body starts to re-program its self to your
new food intake. This is the most crucial and important part of the diet. This phase ensures that you
keep the weight off that you just spent all your time trying to lose. When in this phase your metabolic
rate is restored to its highest working function. This is why in the 2 weeks after you diet it is important
to stick with the foods you are given even though your calorie amount is almost tripled. This enables
your body to get use to its new program of burning so that when you do start to introduce things like
sugar and starches again, it will keep functioning at such a high rate it will have no problem burring
right through those unwanted calories.

I saw these statements on another HCG site and thought it best to add it:

Required Legal Statement: FDA has not approved hCG for weight loss and there is no substantial published evidence that hCG is effective in obesity treatment.